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Website Development

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How We Start


To begin creating your ideal website, we need to have a detailed discussion to cover all the main points you want incorporated.  It's important to understand that we can't envision your website by ourselves; that's why you need to tell us everything you have in mind 


Following our conversation, we will send you a short survey to complete. This will help us narrow down all the specifics and ensure we are on the right track. Once we have gathered this information, we will create a demo for your review.


From there, we will schedule meetings to discuss the demo and make any necessary adjustments. We will continue this process, refining the website further, until we arrive at your perfect website. Your feedback and collaboration throughout this journey are essential to creating a site that truly meets your needs and expectations.


After The Completion


We value fairness and strive to provide what's best for our clients. Any minor changes you request are completely free of charge. However, if you require significant alterations such as entire page changes or additions afterward, a small fee will be applied to compensate for our time and effort. 



 To ensure complete transparency, we require a 50% down payment once we've agreed upon a price that fits your budget. The remaining balance is due after all changes have been made and finalized. 

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